K-POP Girl Group Review ① RANIA


Hi. This time, I'll introduce you a K-POP girl group, RANIA. They have worked from 2011 to 2018, and right now in 2019, I'm not sure they still exist.


Dr Feel Good (2011.4)

This debut number is produced by Teddy Riley. It's an addictive hook song. I was astonished when I first watched this song on TV performance. I think this debut time is the peak of their history.


Masquerade (2011.6)

This song has both mysterious and cool atomosphere, that's Rania style.


Pop Pop Pop (2011.11)

Compared to previous 2 songs, this song is much more closer to typical K-POP style.


Xia, Joy, T-ae, Saem, Riko, Jooyi, Di



Style (2012.9)

This song has misty and cool atmosphere, that's awesome.


Just Go (2013.3)

A title song of the almost best album. The verse part has Good tempo.


Up (2013.7)

The most radio-friendly song of RANIA. But there are no activities with this song.


Demonstrate (2015.11)

Hyeme, Zi.U, Alexandra joined. This song had been released more than two years later from previous one. This is Street Hip Hop tune, their musical style has slightly changed.


Start A Fire (2016.12)

The group name changed into BP RANIA. Jieun, Ttabo, Yumin, Yina (previously known as Saem) joined. Exellent tune, which is proper for their renewal.


Make Me Ah (2017.2)

The second song from album, Start A Fire. Its sad melody is quite impressive.


Jieun, Ttabo, Hyeme, Zi.U, Alexandra, Yumin



Beep Beep Beep (2017.8)

Boxercise dance of verse part is interesting. This song seems to lack of strong impact.


Breathe Heavy (2017.9)

Mysterious dance song, which is typical Rania style.


How was it? They have stopped their activities since 2019, but I really long for their coming back again.