K-POP Girl Group Review ③ RAINBOW

Hi. This time, I’ll introduce you a K-POP girl group, RAINBOW. They worked from 2009 to 2016.


Gossipgirl (2009.11)

A debut song.


Not Your Girl (2010.1)

The second song from 1st mini album. I like this one better than Gossipgirl.


A (2010.8)

Their most famous song. This song doesn't have strong impact, but I never get bored listening many times. Awsome retro guitar sound.


Mach (2010.10)

This is also their famous song, which reminds me 90's J-POP.


TO ME (2011.4)

Interesting song, combined dramatic melody with dance beat.


Sweet Dream (2011.6)

Dance tune which sounds like light version of To Me. Thier appearance is very beautiful at this time.


No Eul, Hyun Young, Seung A, Jae Kyung, Woo Ri, Ji Sook, Yoon Hye


Rainbow Pixie - Hoi Hoi (2012.1)

Sub unit of Seung A, Ji Sook, Hyun Young. It's so cute!


Tell Me Tell Me (2013.2)

Sweet pop song, suitable for their personality.


Sunshine (2013.6)

It sounds very similar to last song. MV is awsome, especially Ji Sook's performance.


Rainbow Blaxx - Cha Cha (2014.1)

Sub unit of Hyun Young, Seung A, Jae Kyung, Woo Ri, which is on sexy concept.


Black Swan (2015.2)

This dance is glamourous and misteryous.


Whoo (2016.2)

Pop dance song, but sounds a little sad.


RAINBOW is the first K-POP group I was into. I wish they would reunite some day.